ULTRA FUEL offers the pinnacle of protein purity with its 100% grass-fed whey protein. Each serving delivers a substantial 24g of protein, complemented by 11g of BCAAs and EAAs, with only 1g of sugar, embodying the ideal formula for those on a keto diet or anyone mindful of carbohydrate intake. It's an undenatured protein source, ensuring you get all the natural benefits without the artificial additives or excess processing, making ULTRA FUEL an excellent choice for athletes and health enthusiasts seeking to fuel their goals with a clean, high-quality protein.
  • 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein
  • No Artificial Colours, Dyes of Fillers
  • No Amino Spiking
  • Zero Trans Fats
  • Gluten Free, Peanut and Nut Free

Fuel Your Goals with 24g of Pure Protein

FUEL your gains with protein purity that includes 5 g of BCAAs with 11 g of EAAs in every serving! Our protein comes from grass-fed whey protein concentrate with no aspartame and no artificial colours, and it’s low in carbs, making it Keto Approved.


We wanted to make your protein choice simple. ULTRA FUEL 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein delivers a pure protein that checks all the boxes with simple, easy to understand ingredients. It’s easy to mix and tastes great. And with 24 grams of pure protein† and less than 2 grams of carbs, you get a pure, concentrated protein without all the carbs and fat normally found in milk. From the makers of DIESEL New Zealand Whey Protein, you know that ULTRA FUEL has to measure up.


Cold-temperature cross-flow micro-filtration effectively concentrates the protein while maintaining its original native shape and function. These naturally occurring whey protein fractions indicate that it’s in its native form and has not been deformed by excessive processing such as heat, acids or enzymes.


Amino Acids are what every protein is made of. ULTRA FUEL protein is a 100% complete protein that is high in EAAs (the essential amino acids) and BCAAs (the aminos that support muscle). We show you the typical profile of every amino acid so you can see how good ULTRA FUEL is!